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Mouse Trail

Geo-Referenced India

my post is not about having the exact boundary of India mapped but is something that is more necessary as more and more GIS analysis is starting to be done in the social and urban space.

Reservation does make sense

like most Indians, i vehemently oppose the views of Mandal commission to this day, but after reading through, the commission report and columbia university brain finding report can’t help but agree that it was probably right to implement them. the argument is that since most of brain development happens within the age of 5, by […]

Google Tamil Translation

If you came here via search engine, chances are that you wanted a document translated to Tamil or viceversa. At the moment however Google offers only Tamil Transliteration (i.e literal script & phonetic conversion)

the debate on fsi!


it has probably been the longest period ever since i started blogging that i have taken such a long break. the trip travelogue is pending. last few weeks have been like crazy busy and active.

Singapore – Malaysia vacation

after a longtime 5 of us and the little master are on a vacation. this time to place that none of us have been to earlier, singapore and malaysia.

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