December 2009 – To Do’s

The month of December. The month that if crossed adds a year in your life, is finally here. And the to-do’s for the month:

Just Askin’

Was driving the car today when i noticed an Indian Coast Guard vehicle. Inside was a man in the back of the truck, an officer most likely, who was in Mala (The Sabarimala season mala) He was bear foot in a traditional attire, everything was fine except the fact that he was in the Indian […]


Its been a year, hardly believable! Considering the fact that we have so  used to Hemant Kakare’s pictures on papers so many times! His wife making petitions! Pictures of the famous Taj! The infamous Kasab! Scenes of people running down the streets! NSG commando fights! and slowly things a moving into oblivion!

A meeting of the Who’s Who ‘on’ Chennai!

The time was finally set for the dinner meeting where it was planned that Mr Enrique Penalosa would meet the Executive council members..

Attack life, it’s going to kill you anyway. ~ Steven Coallier

Got from the twitter world! Goodone! Isn’t it?

Computers & Secretariat

Went to the Secretariat today on official work. Noticed that there are computers on almost all the desks… it was good to see the transition. Guess the next step would be to actually move from using them as typing machines to devices that reduce work and increase productivity.

The Law of Pedestrians

The Law of Pedestrians: If you pretend to not see a fast moving vehicle approaching you, you will not get hurt even if it dashes you, in any case stopping is the obligation of the vehicle!

People Unite Leaders Divide!

‘Global citizens’ is a word you tend to hear only among common men! Leaders however try to divide us along the lines of Nationalism. If we talk about global citizenship with so much pride of promoting an open culture how can we explain the All the countries of the West increasing immigration procedures and travel […]

INS Viraat was once HMS Hermes What?

🙁 So sad. I was always proud of its indigenous development at-least that’s what i thought!

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