The Irony of Nuclear Moral Policing

I don’t like Iran, but not in the hate sense, just that i don’t care enough to like it. For that matter i would have the same view about the US as well.

the banks and their profits

Last year same-time we were all made to believe the financial system was in tatters and we were living in the biggest crisis since the great depression. the event was also marked by the loss declaration of goldman sachs, jp morgan , citi group and the rest of them. and yet merely a year has […]

Working on the Tangent!

Are we witnessing the largest domestic war of our times!?

The number of troops deployed in Kargil war was around 30000 against a 5000 strong Pakistani force. And that a full blown short war! Now Government is talking about deploying more than 70000 paramilitary forces to come down on Naxals!

O2 Health Studio Physical check up – disastrous results!

Today i had my first physical checkup at O2 health studio velachery. So here are my stats! 81.4 kgs / 170cms / 29.9% fat – i know is this what comes to your mind!

Another first

Today i did another first and went ahead and surprised myself by actually opening an FD! Good to start. Better late than never!

Intresting judgement

Pictures of chinese 60 years celebration! Bravo!

Where is patience , resolve , confidence , perspective , ideology , peace , calm when you need it the most?

India’s tactical military position!

this is the reason our tactical advantage gets lost (click here to read the post), poor armed forces need to get a nod every time they need to fire… but it also speaks volumes about the maturity of our democracy and military check and balances.

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