Thoughts about Democracy

In India, the greatness of democracy is far overstretched! Sometimes makes me feel it operates under the premise, that if you allow people to create their own mess, they will complain less!

Time to Re-define what India means!

Truth does not need endorsements!

Shot at the Gym

This shot was taken in O2 velachery. What’s different about the pic? The guy in red is the trainer (also my trainer Mr Jegan) and the guy in blue is actually pulling weights. If finally took 2 people to get the weights in position for the guy in blue! (didn’t get his name 🙁 )

Who do the Tweet Leaders follow! – Part 1 – Shashi Tharoor

All that it takes to follow a person on twitter is, just click the follow button! no ideologies! no memberships! no thoughts! no interviews! no hierarchy! and you become a follower! – Well enough of this cynic tone! and i will get to what i wanted to blog about.

The world never really stops does it?

Spotted in Velachery High Road!

Spotted in Velachery High Road. Too bad bike manufacturers don’t make longer seats! else could seat more! 🙂

Twitter & willfull assasination of Privacy

Imagine someone keeps asking you what you are doing every other hour and you had to live with that! How annoying and irritating would that be! But just look at twitter, we are glad to share our whereabouts and whatabouts as we do it! Seems kind of strange!

Insider Trading

In India, we have come a long way from a time when Stock market used to be considered gambling dens. But then, since the liberalization of the 90’s a lot has changed and today the business has a perfect aura to it! Some call it national economic symbol! The fundamentals however largely remain unchanged if […]

Reality TV and Gladiators!

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