Spend to get it! Spend even more to loose it!

Sounds like a perfect statement for O2 health studio Velachery, for that matter any Gymnasium. Its been a week since i have joined and yes i can feel the change 🙂 and the change is: My appetite for food has increased 🙁

Carrera GT 911 fund

I started a new Carrera GT 911 fund today 🙂 So in some years it should get me there! So even if i don’t bust open a goldmine on the way and live that long i will drive it in this lifetime 🙂

Concept of Peace

Peace that does not come out of genuine desire for brotherhood and love is never sustainable. I say this cause the Iran fiasco is again coming up! also spoke to a defence expert today and it seems that our countries don’t seem to be fighting not out of genuine ghandianism but just out of a […]

UN Watch

My first knowledge of UN watch was by a video i saw a couple of months back here I was amazed at the ability of a person who had the authority to accuse the UN at UN but what amazed me further was the temperament of the society that allows this.

Oceansat – 2 lifts off today

Its almost after 10 years after Oceansat -1 the next in the series Oceansat -2 is taking off from Sriharikota today.

Surveying Gemini Flyover

We are starting our survey of Gemini Flyover tonight. So in case you see a bunch of guys measuring roads with tapes tonight! Don’t panic.. Its us.

eLance competition! – “The New Way To Work”

Here is an entry

Another Ad #new_way_to_work

Following Shashi Tharoor and Barkha Dutt

Its interesting to read the updates of Shashi Tharoor and Barkha Dutt on twitter.

Gmail Login – URL too large! – error

Is this another of those gmail login errors or is it because i messed with the firefox settings! I am unable to login and it says Error 414 – URL too large!

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