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Every form of Refuge has its price!

ONE of my all-time favorite pop music numbers is a wonderful song called Lying Eyes. It was recorded by The Eagles, that is very popular. ‘Every form of Refuge has its price!’ – In one line the song says about the cost of refuge in our lives! Beautiful! By the way how do these guys […]

The Chennai Airport Parking – Musical Chair! except there is no music here!

Corporation School Triplicane

Went for the next assessment today. Unlike the previous session the class was is utter chaos and 40% or maybe even more of the class was on leave. But the kids were very enthusiastic 🙂 It was again for 5th Standard.

Trip to Nagercoil

Impossible to be a perennial pessimist!

Its almost impossible these days to have any sense of perennial pessimism! Cause you almost think of anything crazy under the sun and there is some bloke out there doing research on it. Talk of political roadblocks and almost everyday we are getting to read of accords and treaties being signed!

AID India English Assessment

Started assessment volunteering with AID India. The whole idea was to be able to get into teaching science to students at a later time. But since most corporation schools use Tamil as a medium which i am not good at, good to start with this.

The WordPress Gold Rush is coming to an end! or is it?

Change – Sign of good times ahead

Its almost as though all the problems of the world are getting solved at the sametime! North Korean situation is getting better, India – China are working to sort their differences. Africa is having greater say in Human rights council. African issues are being taken more seriously than ever before. 3 countries with good banking […]

Swine Flu in Chennai – H1N1

After Pune it is Chennai that is under the grip of Swine Flu now. Last night one kid from my cousins kid’s school Akshaya School contracted the disease. The kid is only in LKG poor one! And the school is in Velachery.. Just a stone throw from here… 🙁

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