Mission Impossible on Acoustic Guitar

Mission Impossible on acoustic guitar

New role at City Connect

After sometime with Janaagraha i have now moved into City Connect as a Co-Ordinator. I was briefed about my new role today and sounds very visionary in nature! 🙂

The beauty of an idea sometimes lies in its perception

Its too late to be a pessimist

My contribution to the Planet

After seeing the powerful documentary ‘Home’ i have decided to do what little i can. Use public transport for one day of the week, instead of the Bullet 500cc bike that i ride. Little to start with 🙁 but atleast something.

Google Squared

There was Database and then relationa databases! There was search and now there is Google Squared. From organising search results in a single dimension, Google has started evolving itself into a multi dimesional search platform. I performed a few searches for keywords like ‘Chief Minister of Tamilnadu’ and realised they are probably anti-dmk 😉 (0 […]

Bob Dylan – How many roads on Guitar :)

Bob Dylan – How many roads Guitar For some reason the sound is not loud enough on the speakers, so you may have to use headphones! Not sure why! 🙁

Protected: June 8

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

idemocracy Camp

Attended the idemocracy camp at Cognizant(CTS), AVS Suntech plaza today. The barcamp was initiated by Mr Selvam of emoksha coincidentally a CEG passout and a senior! The whole idea was to develop a loose technical standard for e-civic websites that would gain popularity in the days to come.  That was data can be shared and […]

Hard Talk surely has lost touch after Tim Sebatian

I still recollect Tim sebastian’s interview with the Sudanese Rebel group leader. It was something that would make you say ‘How can somebody ask such politically incorrect but still to the point and necessary questions with such a high viewership” The style is something that many in India like Karan Thappar and Arnab Goswami of […]

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