MK Stalin appointed Deputy Chief Minister of Tamilnadu

Why is Google angry with me :(

I have been targeted of late by a bunch of hackers and all my sites are being blasted left right and center! and this has caused some of my good paying sites to fall in their pagerank! and hence ofcourse bring with it the revenues down!

Why do weapons not have auto-expiry machines fitted?

Well we live in a burning world, sure we do! After seeing Charlie Wilson’s war movie, i guess we can easily assume that the decision to supply weapons sometimes far out weighs the decision to not to!

Binayak Sen finally freed! Justice did prevail! but at what cost?

India somehow works!

Talk of creativity

The Politics of Politics!

India’s Missed opportunities in Srilanka

From any angle you look at it, India’s failure to engage Srilanka in the current war will have serious repercussions for India.

Change of direction for

Generation of Apathy!

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