The SEO of Indian Politicians

For those familiar with internet would also know what SEO stands for: Search Engine Optimization. Basically packaging your content most likely non-unique to sound like unique! Using all kinds of jargon technologies! The trend as probably has always been and even more observed in the current elections that leaders tend to use words that are […]

Does it take a MHA warning for us to realise somethings?

The MHA today issued a warning that the lass exodus of civilians from Sri Lanka into safer zones could cause some LTTE men move into Tamilnadu. Very true!

Convert AVI to iPod compatible MP4

I was turn off to realize that .avi files can’t be played in itunes and hence also ipod and so the only way seems to be to convert them to mp4 and then sync!

WordPress and the eternal downtime!

Guess i have figured out how the PHP4 exploit is used to stuff bad malicious code into the site! 🙂

Experience with Mr Naresh Gupta , Chief Election Commissioner

Having been to the Secretariat a couple of times in past, the usual process of going through the security checks was kind of usual but not with the fact that we arrived there sweating (courtesy my le pederosa that had a punctured rear tire) we were sweating like crazy and already late for our appointment […]

The asymmetricity in Information distribution

In the scientific world most of the problems would be attributed to ‘no information’. But in the real daily world more often than not it is the lack and the non availability of information at the right time in the right place inspite of their abundance elswhere causes the problem.

First Podcast for NG

So today had the first interview for The guest was Janaagraha City coordinator for Chennai, Mr Balamurugan who actually gave me a lot of time inspite of his busy office work (its election quarter isn’t it) I have already listened to the podcast maybe 20-30 times. What inspired me so much was that, he […]

Trip to Auroville & Pondichery

Ofcom likes… in India?

For those familiar with Ofcom UK and its functions would clearly understand the concern and need for such a regulatory mechanism in India!

Figured out why served got messed up!

Fianally figured out why the server got so messed up in the last few weeks. It might not have been the work of a rougue attacker after all!

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