Is this how history will read them?

Going through the BBC’s coverage of Indian elections.

The Vaticans view on Condoms!

Over the years the Liberalists’ and health groups have lobbied to have the Church endorse the use of condoms to reduce AIDS with the view that the Church reaches out to the conservatives!

Long talk with S. Prasanna, Program Manager CIOSA

In words soon…

A sad day for Human Rights – Does anybody even realise that?

Amnesty International is closing down operations in India on the 31st of March 2009. An organization which is one step above the law of land and is governed by the fundamental principle of humanity is leaving India. The reason they have cited is the repeated rejection of the Indian government to give them FCRA clearance.

Protected: March 27th and the Gallery was still empty

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Raised the first funding on

We were able to connect our first donor and NGO today on

Doctors & Perceptions

How does a person define the capability of the doctor? Is it by seeing his qualification or is it by the way he speaks to us?

The search for leadership!

India? Where is your leader? Who has the answer to what it takes! Who believes The Right thing is more important than Public opinion! Where art thou????

A tribute to Jade Goody

Few people are remembered in history for the way they take on death, and i am sure she will go down as one of them. All of us have to go through the same path, we can choose to accept it or not. Good lessons to learn.

Jaagore Rock Show!

So the rock show is now finally behind us. It was a great experience being part of the organizing team. The turnout was not along expected lines 🙁 Just hit 1400 of them.

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