Why are unions looked with a Communist Skepticism in India?

Commentary Soon

Reading Wealth of Nations – This time i will

I have been wanting to finish the ‘Weath of Nations‘ book by Adam Smith for so long and it almost stops most times in few tens of pages. So i have finally decided to make this a blog affair now. I am going to be reading the book and ranting about it to the readers… […]


Met Bala and his friend in the Janaagraha office., a swanky JP morgan style lavish building in alwarpet. The one thing that came up as a result of this meeting was the great divide between the people who are there wanting to solve the problem and the huge number of people who have answers but […]

The Truth is not determined by Popular Vote

Good Quote and the truth that is seldom realised in our world today isn’t it? The Truth is not determined by Popular Vote.

Slumdog win a Marketing Gimmick?

Did Slumdog millionaire win because Oscar viewership was coming down in recent years?! But now they have guaranteed a billion viewers every year from next one!! Just a thought during a discussion!

Lent Season First Friday service

I am just back form the Lent Season first friday service. I went to the church cause that makes mummy and dayy very happy.

Rupee hits 50.12 against the Dollar – The Obama effect

The Rupess hit 50.12 against the dollar. What does that mean? You are going to be sorry if you already did not manufacture it in India, meaning: You go to spend more for things you imported!

During crisis times Human rights is a luxury !?

Gmail down!

If you are here on this post, you probably are confused why gmail is not loading on your system! I guessed it right, there is widespread service failure of many of google services like google groups , picasa and most importantly its flagship product gmail!

The famous Royal Enfield Trip Series posters

The famous Royal Enfield Trip Series posters. There is more posters to this series. For some reason though the theme of the ad is good the concept seems very regular. Remember the Sumo Victa Ad! They wanted to tell you regular people extraordinary achievers gyan! Selling eccentricity is different from selling extraordinary regular people! And […]

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