Annie’s Song on Guitar – Coming tomorrow :)

Velachery – Beach on the Elevated MRTS

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Indian Election Systems – Begging Change

Why does any group attack a so called minority group when the constitution guarantees their Right for equality? The answer that unarguably stares is the fact that be it the attack on North Indians in mumbai or be it the Pub attack in Mangalore.. The motives of gaining political prominence or anything else apart, the […]

LK Advani Ji – Ab bas bhi karo ji!

Advani is all over the Indian Web landscape! Google Ads all over! And this time with the typical American way of telling ‘ABC for President!’ Oops For Prime Minister. Though i see this as a change of times and i always feel BJP was miles ahead when it came to being Tech Savy from the […]

Let us not loose our Richard Karyea’s

Richard Karyea, the man the Liberian government has given the prestigious title ‘Civil Servant of the Year’ for 2008 for refusing a bribe that was 1300 times his monthly salary.

Rode the Feroze!

Second day at riding lessons and rode the Mighty Ferozy today! Supposedly the most favorite among the students, the reason which i realised soon. The Horse is simply very composed and more reacts like a obediant Human than and animal if i may say!

Years from now when matter transplant would be possible

Years from now when science would make Matter Transplant possible, what would happen to the logistics and transportation !??? If E is indeed equal to MC^2 and matter can be co-ordinate aligned, then it sure can be re-coordinated. As simple as it sounds! But what do you do about the transplant part?

Chennai Kalahasti

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Meeting of the minds

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Observer Research Foundation – Chennai Chapter Interaction

ORF Chennai Chapter Interaction Attended an interaction “Great Power Rivalry over Indian Sub-Continent” by Dr Vepa Kosla, Director, Indic Studies Foundation, Pleasanton, California, US.

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