Media Assignment

My Media assignment with the Top Media channel is going great! (Under the conditions we are not allowed to us their name in any form including personal blogs until the project goes live)

The naming of Cyclones and cyclone Nisha! Who is Nisha?

The naming of cyclones is something we have always associated with the US! Cyclone Gustov , Evan and etc….

List of Casualties in Mumbai Terror Attacks

Here is a list of people who died or are injured in the current mumbai terror siege. I wish none of you find the name that you fear about on the lists here.

The Living on the edge feeling in India!

How does it feel to live in a country that is safe. Or what is safe? Is it the feeling you get when you feel safer carrying a fully automatic knowing that your possible assailant is at best carrying a semi!

Chennai Law College Violence – Don’t blame the Police!

In the recent clash between college students i see a series of attack on the Chennai Police. But my feeling is why blame the police! If it is anybody’s fault, they sure are last in the line for it!

Protected: No Don’t blame the security forces!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Its Raining crazy! Is anybody building an Ark!

Its raining and i am beginning to browse through the dimensions of the Noah’s ark! Well that’s how much it is raining! in Chennai. I had my doubts about 40 days and forty nights but not after yesterday.

Whatever happened of Lok Paritran!

If you reading this post, it has become live as a consequence of a thought written one month earlier! the educated youth can make all the difference in the true Rang De Basanti style. And in my desire and passion and hope and duty to do what i can, i looked for a political party […]

Offline Posting

I am writing this post in an offline editor, just to see if it works! And it does! This is an offline blog editor, that helps capture thoughts when you are not connected as well. Just in case you are intrested!

Guys Obama is the American President, Lets look for an Indian one Now!

My sister got me a T-Shirt which says ‘Obama for President’ when she went to the US and i happily wear it 🙂 . I wear this T-Shirt in chennai and generally evoke strong responses from people who notice it! But then none of it is condemning! I was thinking to myself if i were […]

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