One finds Solace! Another becomes the beast!

US for long has been the forefront of the anti-Russia lobby, but such discussions have subsided in the recent past except for the Georgian crisis. But now the opposition is from a new block! the EU block! If the ongoing political debates in Washington on the American Presidency is any sign then the winning democrat […]

Without Prejudice

Got this term today ‘Without Prejudice’ Isn’t it a wonderful word with a wonderful meaning! Should we not be getting into anything in this state, cause it is our prejudiced view that makes us oblivious to so many things around us! Its that which differentiates me from my nephew who is so open to anything […]

Just a thought!

There is a world to explore out there! A sea of knowledge to gain 🙂 Overwhelming thoughts.

Protected: TADA – An Experience

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

That’s a view

Why Can’t?

Why can’t we build happy hospitals? Why can’t we make people comfortable that cure is just a hand away? Why can’t we make happier conversations? Why can’t we make comfortable relationships! Why can’t we make safer roads? Why can’t we stop honking at night? Why can’t we stop infanticide? Why can’t we stop people from […]

The Power of Weakness and the Weakness of Power

Was at the Chennai Central Station yesterday. And here i find a long line of people waiting to be checked by the Police! Courtesy! Series of bomb blasts in the rest of the country. Here are a bunch of Terror crazy people wanting to make the general public go into mass hsyteria! But sadly as […]

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