India a Chronic Importer of foodgrains!

Was reading an article today that outlined the possibility of India becoming a Chronic importer of foodgrains by 2020! By another statistic it is the same period when the Indian economy should be at its active best considering the demographics maturity by that time. So that means that by that year the cost of commodities is likely […]

The Happening – What just happened?

Guess if M. Night Shyamalan decides to become Rajendra K. Pachauri then this is probably what he comes up with! But thats as simple a description as it gets!

Good Read :)

Protected: Got my Nokia Communicator :)

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How better can Simulation get?

World Community Grid Project

For the benefit fo those who don’t know about this, a brief here: World Community Grid is the largest public domain computing grid that works towards offering coputational help to solve the critical problems that affect the human civilization.

Oil prices!

People who decide the price of oil have their entire economies running on the revenue that comes out of it. Its utilising Monopoly to the dreaded core! Its almost like the new axis of power in today Geo-Political situation. Since the factors that influence the price of oil is not just the supply – demand […]

My quotes at work!

There are strange things that happen in my workplace i guess it happens to everybody. One of the most common things that make me feel real weird is the ‘Bandwidth’ and the ‘Pipeline’ issue that my boss keeps talking about! What on earth does that mean? I still haven’t been able to put my brains around that […]

The week that whooshed!!!!!! by

A lot happened over the entire week. Most importantly, or rather most un-importantly importantly 🙂 got things under the glove at work! So am working on an interesting assignment (that’s an illusion i know) now. And man this operation City is taking on our nerves now! In case you did not realise what Operation City is!!!! Its […]

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