Some lightning!

A Visionary is a person who makes infinite amount of money with his finite foolishness! 

Indians – Are we really Asians in today’s Flat world?

I have been studying the business communities, patterns, cultures and the spending habits of some Asian countries like Japan, China, Singapore for a few weeks now and comparing the same with India, and I am wondering to myself if India except for the fact that we are geographically based in Asia, and our mystic history […]

Why Musharraf’s loss could be India’s Strategic Gain

A lot has been spoken since the ‘General’ missed a Convincing Gain. But what does that mean to India inadditon to the Offical statement from the External affairs spokeman ‘We are watching the developments closely’?

You will be amazed at how much you can change the world :)

Going thro the Annals of life i have had various time spans when i have been convinced to varied points about my ability to change the world that we live in. For a long time i was associating the ability to change the world with great leadership and large corporate positioning. But does that mean […]

A Powerful Unassuming City

I am back to my desk and here goes my experience. The Journey was more eventful than any other Bus journey that i have had in recent times.

A Politicians need for SAP!

I have no clue why i am making this trip in the first place! Why would a politician be intrested in SAP???? Talk of changing times or maybe he needs Financial management, strange i feel…. But alas i feel SAP has found its ideal Customer…. Plenty of money! No Track! Dictatorial regime! Leaving in few hours! […]

Does India have an advantage if Democrats win?

I have been wondering if India indeed has an advantage if Democrats win? Well lets see the Indian stand both the GOP take with reference on India.

A Year that is gone, never to be back!

Here i am! a year older, having lesser to live! than lived! The year was probably the most unlike any year in my life so far. My ‘professional life’, the word that i was unlikely to be concerned about took a very strange turn, i took on the corporate world after a longtime maybe a first […]

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