John Edwards – Another AlGore! kind of a loss!

How much you loose only the timeline of history will tell!  Democratic John Edwards has decided to call it a day in the Presidential run. Its very sad. A man with no Air Time for his advantage and neither the corporate affiliations of Obama and Clinton.

Obama has, what John Kerry did not!

Working on this.

The Classic old debate of whether Kofi Annan (now Ban Ki-moon) or Bill Gates is more powerful!

The thought lingers and lingers in my mind refusing to accept the real answer of Bill Gates being more. But in a capitalistic, non-idealistic world what more can one expect but the power hierarchy oriented along the lines of financial muscle.

Disturbing thoughts in a wonderful world

Happy is a man who is Happy :)

Thats what struck to my mind, and i realised that statement would not make sense to many. But to me it makes volumes of sense 🙂

The Urgency of now!

Was going thro an MLK speech and also a reference of that on the Obama Campaign trail. Very powerful words indeed.

Why is a spy satellite not a spy satellite anymore!

To start with, A spy satellite is a reconnaissance satellite as ‘they’ call it to score political safe term. How come a country can in the first place launch a spy machinery over another country? Does not the space above a country belong to the country? So on some reading there was this culprit! It says the outer […]

Visiting Dignitaries sure know how to be More Indian than Indian!

Foreign delegations, PM’s and Presidents of other countries sure know how to touch the hearts of Indians on their trip to India! Now Prime Minister Gordon Brown who was recently in India was talking of recommending India to the UNSC permanent seat which made him friend of a billion in one statement! But was he talking […]

Slow on the IT Highway Chennai

So after a longtime! was on Kinetic honda on the IT highway as my Le Pederosa was away 🙁 whizzing past at higher speeds made you almost oblivious to the landscape of the route, somthing i have not done for quiet sometime. My Kinetic was this super charged machine that was more obedient that my […]

I need to learn to whistle!

I need to learn to whistle and today i will try to do so 🙂 end of day update: only air came! no whistle 🙁

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