Why Iraq could be a pre WW-II Germany in the making!

Article coming soon!

Why Christianity has failed!

Note: Don’t treat this article an act of blasphemy against the church because the act of the church speaks for itself.

The Feminine face of Islam – Is no more

Benazir Bhutto is no more and so is the feminine face of Islam. As the world lay shocked at this bloody incident, does it come as a surprise?

Santaclause & Christmas

Instead of telling you the entire history why not read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Claus

Reliance – A group that is living every Indian’s dream

There is an often an accusation that is levied on the Reliance brand that ‘Wo Chor Hai’ The reality is that that statement is said out of jealousy of a average Indian male rather than an inspection of ground reality.

Law for wars!

Was going thro this article called ‘The Law of Armed Conflict’ (LOAC) How on this planet can you have rules for an act that in itself a consequence of Man’s imperialistic desires. It is a irony that civisilised brains have such apathy filled policies!

Trip to remember

The presentation went on better than expected…. but nothing happens until it happens so lets wait and see the final turn…

Here comes the Checkmate moves from US to control the world economy again!

Another of those moves by US to limit the rise of World Economies China and India. Recalibrate their economic size. Direct implications… Deficit valuation of these countries change and effectively the funds these economies can raise overseas reduces atleast in principle…  Imagine the downward revision of the economic muscle of China and India by a whooping 40% […]

Google Talk Not displaying the Current Music Track

My Google Talk was not displaying the current music track !! An intresting feature…. Though it was a few days back… Now this is what Microsoft has done in the latest patch… for Media Player 11. In Options> Plugins they have removed access to GTalk so you need to check it to make it work…

America! and the Middle East

There i go again! paranoid about ‘THE USA’ and the dollar 🙂 How is it that America of late has come to terms with a softer Middle East Policy unlike its more imperialistic earlier one!

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