Intresting & Eventful last few days

Its been a very satisfying and eventful week. Wish and hope that I am able to be of the same support and more… in the days to come.

Growing Younger :)

For the first time in my life i feel i am growing younger the next day.. i feel lighter as the days are going by πŸ™‚

what an example

went to the diability day function of sukriti foundation as a volunteer. have never been so self-insulted in life. the children who performed were blind. many differently abled and yet all of them had a happiness in their face that i yearn to get. they were happy, confident, satisfied, content all that the seemed to […]

at the startline on time – thankgiving launch :)

got it live on thanksgiving day finally πŸ™‚ so far so good.

500cc problemo! & the following treat.

Chasing to the finishline

Thanksgiving is just week away, infact 6 days away…. and we are pushing the work throttle to meet the timely launch… i am sure we will πŸ™‚

A 360 km ride that seemed to go on and on and on :)

Almost a day after returning from the Chennai – Yercaud and back trip which almost seemed like eternity πŸ™‚To start with, got together at the rendevouz point at 5 in the morning, our boy was late and finally started at 6.Had a flat tyre. just 25 kms off chennai. Then came an engine problem, it […]

Less Excitement

Its probably the first trip that i am feeling less excited about. Travel is just 4 hours from now. Not that i am down… just that feel at ease… I really am not very sure if i actually need the make this trip to feel any better πŸ™‚

Not much of time but liking it

There has not been much of time of late to write an update in this blog. After a lot of coding πŸ™‚ decoding πŸ™ rebugging πŸ™‚ finally got the SN ready to hit the web this thanksgiving. B is also ready to go. Coding without sleep so that it is also off the startline from […]

Mozarto Danielo coming soon :)

I have joined the keyboard classes in an attempt to kindle the mozarto bethoveno danielo in me πŸ™‚

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