Its 7:05 AM

Its 7:05 AM on a monday morning and i havn;t yet caught any sleep and i have a series of appointment starting 10:00 AM.I think i should just stop writing this blog and shut down and GO TO SLEEP.I am going to chase sleep till i catch it this time …

Goodone :)

Just saw an ad of Tata which said ‘The only lines that matter are the ones that you make’ What about these guys who make their ads that make them reverberate with the Human Psyche.. So very true… The last time they did it with their ‘Want to quit on a monday morning’ series… Truly […]

Thats the point :)

I realised one very very important thing today, when i was applying a oinment to both my hands. i realised that my left hand which is currently not having any fracture was able to apply the oinment to the right hand which has a fracture 🙂 But not the other way round! Coming to think […]

Finished Coding Hooh! What next?

Just finished coding for my site after nearly 2 weeks of work, only to realise that the most intresting part is yet to come. Now how do i take it forward? ohoh!But the brighter side is that if one hand can do so much, hey just imagine what 2 hands can 🙂Focus Focus is the […]

Got the plaster off :) myself :)

After days and days that never seemed to end atlast here i am, having removed my plaster 🙂 feels so good when you have two hands to type 🙂 missed it a lot

Do we do things because we don’t have a choice or cause we like doing it?

Do we do things because we don’t have a choice or cause we like doing it? or just because they are time gaps? Got this though today while talking to a friend of mine… Will ponder more and get back.When we give somebody prime time immediatly they feel we are jobless! else they feel we […]

I am totally cheesed off! I don’t know why

I don’t know why am i cheesed of so much after such a long time? Why should it be this way! Not a good sign.So the moral of the story. Don’t allow anything outside your core space to enter it…. And it bloody well be only you in your core space!

Are Smokers Bad? I ain’t think so anymore

I don’t smoke and am of the opinion, well untill this incident that in some way or the other, smokers tend to care less for others around them cause they don’t take serious care of their health. What happened was i and my uncle were standing at a store and buying some household things. Fast […]

What you can’t do with just your left hand!

These are some of the things you can’t do if you have your right hand in the pits and only the left hand assigned:1. Morning Chores 🙁2. Ride the Bullet 🙁3. Comfortable computing, except for chat 🙂4. Go to sleep on the comfortable side… if your AC vent is on to your right.5. Read the […]

new ideology blog :)

launched a new blog called 🙂 just to pen down the thinker in me ha! ha! ha!

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