Coorg Trip truncated – Offroute is fun

Just back after driving almost 1000+kms on ‘my lepederosa’. Made a return point at Hunsur. Visited Tipu’s death place. One of the greatest king south india has ever produced and he laid there gathering dust. Things have their glory only when they ‘are’ i guess.

Views or Perspectives

All of us have views! But do we have perspectives! Why do i get such thoughts at 1:51 PM on a wednesday night when probably close to a billion people are catchin’ up some sleep in my country!

India – Pak 20-20 – Bangalore truly inspires….

Was driving just after the 20-20 India Pak finals from office to hennur. was totally amazed at the spirit that people exhibited after the match. there were wonderful marchpast with the Indian flag and people shouting ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ Made me feel like very Indian. India – Pak matches are sure a sports war […]

Online on a Sunday!

I guess this is what happens when you move to a new city with noone to socialize with! not that i other do otherwise 🙂 office is like cool. i am like! one day later ,realising that i am now 27 years old and have done nothing useful for the society for that matter anyone […]

Bangalore Office! now live.

We got the Bangalore office up and running. Broadband connectivity should be up in sometime now. 🙂

chennai bangalore again! on lepederosa :)

every journey seems better than the previous in experience sense though the first one was still the best. now I am in bangalore!. for the first time, the cold climate is not making me feel elevated. I am reading ‘the monk who sold his ferrari’ goodone similarties apart, gives you a perspective. in the last […]

Chennai – Yelagiri Bulls Ride – Rocked

Just came back from the Chennai – Yelagiri trip with Bulls. All that i can see right now on the screen is the headlight of my trailing bike! 440 kms! Ambur Biriyani! Ride was too good, riding on a staggered formation with 30+ riders makes you kind of feel like a f16 squadron leader 🙂 […]

Not able to catch sleep!

Have not been able to catch any sleep for the past 3 hours. So instead of loitering around thought could pen down for a change. This what happens to a nocturnal creature on a weekend i guess! Am going for a Yelagiri Ride 2 hours from now. Need to desperatly catch some sleep, will try […]

Invasion Movie

Watched the movie starring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. More to the usual aspect of the movie, the movie really talks about the other aspect of man which is well said by the Russian guy in the movie. Goodone!

Bangalore Chennai on a Bike

Drove my ‘LePederosa’ all the way from Bangalore to Chennai. Awesome journey. For the first time was all to myself and the nature. The Stone mountains seemed more communicative than ever. Good Start for a Biker i guess 🙂

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