So I am with C40 as a City Advisor for about 100 days now and it has been an amazing experience.

Cycling in Rockrider

Typing this at 2:34 am since i am not getting any sleep. Crossed about 200+ on my Rockrider 340 so far. Cycling on roads these days isn’t as easy at it used to be or may i am just getting older! signs maybe.

Back to Cycling

After gaining 85 kilos finally back to cycling. Thanks to Beulah for the amazing BTWIN Rockrider 340. Cycling is amazingly comfortable. Will post a review about the cycle when i cross the first 100 km milestone. Getting used to the gear system.

Post PMP Valuation

My knowledge of things hasn’t changed drastically in the recent few months. Except for the fact that i have cleared the PMP certification a few months back. And ever since, i keep getting job calls and offers.

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How much are you worth in the Job Market?

I haven’t blogged in more than a year and here i am posting 3 posts on the same day . But who cares. But then again who should? I am still editing this post.. so will publish it here soon.

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E-commerce platforms review

Like in the case of cars,  where you have cars from $1800 – $million. E-commerce solutions come in all shapes and sizes.
Though for many companies, the choice is entirely not within their domain of understanding, it helps to know the basics of it.

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Ramanujan IT Park

I had been to a company in Ramanujan IT Park (The one next to Tidel Park). The experience in the company was good, but the same couldn’t be said about the journey to the same, not because of human interaction but more so because of the architectural design mess.

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Best Android Apps in India

I was posed a question at a Company recently: ‘Which are the Best Apps in India and Why?’

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Play schools in velachery

I thought hunting for school admission would be daunting, try play schools! My wife and I started this hunt a few days back coming back confused and drained and concerned every single day we did that. But I am sure it’s the same for all parents. Here is our experience:

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SPRH challenge

Mt wife has taken a break in work due to Bryan our son. Now she is trying to get back to the industry, and unfortunately it has been a tough experience thus far. She quipped ‘Wish she was a generator, at-least somebody would have hired her’ 

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